This is how I made
and decorated a sweet
sewing space using a
transformed office desk
with gold dipped legs.

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HOW I DID MY TV GALLERY WALL - wall art in the bedroom

We had a challenging wall in our
bedroom to decorate. It is the wall 
opposite our bed so we would be
looking at all the time and it was 
pretty big for our small space.

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I hunt for vintage cabinet hardware
all the time but a lot of that time is
spent collecting individual pieces 
until I accumulate matching sets
that can be used. I finally found 4
of these fancy scrolling back plates
and now I wanted to show them
off on a new project.

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HOW I PAINTED WALLPAPER - in our motor home

The interior of our motor home was
dated and to spruce it up I opted
to paint most of it. The walls were all
covered in wallpaper and the cabinets 
were all covered in a vinyl sticker. The
first step was to pick up a roll of poly 
and some masking tape.

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HOW I CONVERTED OUR RV BEDS - in our 1988 motor home

Last week we shared the interior
makeover BEFORE & 
AFTER photos of our motor 
home. Many of you have asked 
for more so let me try to tell 
you some of the highlights. First 
let me say I had one month for
the entire makeover and no time 
to take photos before leaving.
That means the AFTER photos 
were taken after all the wear and 
tear from our trip across Canada 
and back. She held up very well!

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SEE THE TOUR OF OUR MOTOR HOME MAKEOVER - 1988 georgie boy cruise master

The interior makeover of our 1988 
motor home started this summer. It 
was time for us to take a vacation and
I wanted to make the motor home 
super comfortable for our adventure.
The plan was to hit the road on a 
cross Canada trip that would last for 
more than a month.

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HOW I USED AS OLD WHITE - a cabinet rescued using ascp

I remember that morning, we were
running late because someone slept
in. It was one of those Saturdays I 
enjoy so much, spending time with
George, getting out to all the yard
sales and finding other people's crap
I can make into something wonderful.

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PAINTING BEDROOM FURNITURE - using annie sloan chalk paint

It took my husband some time before he
agreed to let me paint our dark wood
bedroom furniture. Like most new
couples we went out and purchased an
expensive set of matching furniture as
our first thing together. I quickly found
it difficult to decorate in the style that
made me happy when all the furniture
was so dark and heavy.

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PLATE WALL DISPLAY - shabby chic style


I have always found the key to creating successful
& wonderful wall displays has always been
to use the things I love and have collected over
time. But more importantly when I want to get
to work building a display I look for items that
have been stored out of sight and out of mind,
like these plates stacked in a pile in the back
of a cupboard. I don't plan a shopping trip to
find new things, like everyone else I have
plenty of things I love right here at home. How
many things do you have stored away that you
could display?

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WHITE SECRETARY DESK - vintage wood working

The only thing to suffer during
the making of this secretary was
the house work. This project was
actually built from many pieces
headed to the landfill.

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ASCP WHITE NIGHTSTANDS - large bedside cabinets

I have created a pair of bedside tables similar
to my own so someone else can enjoy them
too. They each have 2 drawers with great
storage. The color is a creamy white with
edge distressing creating a perfect shabby
chic finish. They have long legs and have
some beautiful detailing.
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RECYCLED DINING CHAIR LEGS - shabby chic bedside tables

There are so many unused and unwanted
dining chairs out there. Every thrift store
and charity shop I go to have a selection.
Most people have a chair or two in their
garage. There are some great up-cycle
projects out there already on Pinterest
and I would like to add one more to the
list with the help of Annie Sloan Chalk
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SHABBY CHIC TALL BEDSIDE TABLES - painted with annie sloan chalk paint

I built this lovely set of matching
beside nightstands by adding legs.
They were finished in a creamy
white creating the perfect shabby
chic look.

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SANDING OR WET DISTRESSING diy chalk painted furniture

Recently I worked back to back on two similar
piece of furniture because I wanted to compare
these two distressing techniques. One of the pieces
was an antique desk, and the other was an antique
vanity, but both had the same dark finish. I brush
painted each with Annie Sloan Pure White and when
it came time to distress I used sand paper on the vanity
and a damp sponge on the desk. I have compiled some
photos showing how each piece look in comparison.

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SHABBY CHIC WHITE DESK - painted with annie sloan chalk paint

This is a beautiful shabby chic
antique desk with matching stool
that I painted with Annie Sloan
Pure White.

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HACKED WALL ART - recycling vintage objects

I enjoy taking unwanted and broken items
and finding a unique way to combine them
with another vintage piece to create a unique
piece of wall art for your home. Below I have
a few examples of a few of these projects.

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SIGN PAINTED ON GLASS TUTORIAL - vintage french graphic

This was a big graphic project to undertake
as the size of this glass panel is about a foot
and a half wide by another 2 and half feet tall.
I hand finished the french typography right
onto the glass door of this Annie Sloan
painted cabinet. This DIY project is not for
the faint of heart, and takes patience and
determination to complete. Now with that
established let's get to the details ...

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I am not a real fan of art decor style furniture.
But I do have to admit it is all made with nice
solid wood which is great to work with. When
I started working on this DIY paint project
I never dreamt it would turn out as good as
it did. Let me know your thoughts.

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This could be a great shoe cabinet!
She looks and really is a true vintage cabinet
turned into an amazing shabby chic statement
piece with a vintage french advert on the
glass door. Long legs and 3 authentic
antique glass knobs.

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I have painted many upholstered chairs with
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint but this is one of my
favorite DIY PROJECTS to date. This chair has
been with me for a long time and it took years
before I would commit to paint it. I knew how
good it could look but it was still so hard to put
paint on it for the first time. Are you thinking
about doing it too? Maybe some of the answers
you need are in this post.

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Are you looking for instruction to create a faux driftwood finish with paint? I have written a how to on creating a grey wood grain type of look on a piece of furniture. This is really a simple project but can get a little messy. 
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HOW I PAINTED MY FRIDGE with annie sloan chalk paint

The day finally arrived that my shabby chic
fridge was finished, and this DIY project didn't
cost a lot. I was just trying to solve what to do
with some rust stains and broken handles
before it escalated into something bigger.
Check out my SHABBY CHIC FRIDGE ...

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Thank you to a couple of ladies who offered their
solution in the comments of my last repair for fixing
saggy drawer bottoms. Every tip and trick is welcome
in the hopes that it will help the next person. If you would
like more information on FLIPPING drawer bottoms as an
option to fix your drawers I wrote an article about that here.
Now on to today's repair ...

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VINTAGE FURNITURE REPAIRS - broken drawer joints

Recently I worked on a buffet that needed
major repairs. I photographed most of it
to share how I fixed each problem.
I'm hoping it can help a few of you to
take on a repair or two of your own.

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VINTAGE FURNITURE REPAIRS - saggy drawer bottoms

I took on a furniture project recently that turned
into about 8 hours of wood working repairs.
I photographed a lot of it so I could share it
with you and how I fixed each problem.
Let's start with the first problem ....

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Hello February 2017,
and Hello readers!

I took it slow in January and did not blog. Boxing
day I injury myself to the point it was hard to do
many tasks so that set the tone for awhile. I started
puttering around the house as most of use do in
January getting things organized again and finishing
off old tasks. It was all at a much slower pace than
usual but I still got a lot accomplished.
Check it out ...

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BUILDING LIL BOXES - recycling Christmas cards

The first time I made one of these boxes was
when I was quite young. And truthfully I have
never stopped. They are perfect for hiding small
presents in, or safely storing a small ornament
while packed away for the year. They can also
be used for an advent calendar, hiding a small
treat inside and hung from many different
places in your home.

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Our first dinner at this table ended up being
rather nice. We had been working all afternoon
getting ready for the first snow fall of the year.
Rolling up hoses, readying the walk ways for
a fresh covering of snow. I had also started a
pot of chicken soup earlier and in between
tasks I would find my way back to check on
it. Sitting down to a nice warm bowl after a
long day is always great but for me it got even
better when GG told me he found his ring
while cleaning his vehicle. It is not of
great value but for us it hurt deeply when
it went missing.

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SHABBY CHIC TV STAND - long legs & gold paint

Our TV stand is completely unique and a
one of a kind creation I made from an old
2 drawer chest a friend gave me. The piece
needed a lot of attention in one way or
another but little did I know this is what
the end result was going to be.

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TO PAINT OR NOT TO PAINT - french country cupboard

Many people go through the struggle of whether
they should paint wood furniture or not. I do
struggle sometimes with the decision as well.

I have had many pieces of beautiful wood furniture
that I have re-home because they didn't fit in here.
This dresser and cabinet to the left have been 
with me for several years enjoyed as is but I have
wanted to paint them for awhile now. It just took
some time for me to jump in with both feet.

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The smell that these wreaths bring into the house for
the holidays is priceless and I make a few every year.

Supplies for these wreaths are as follows:

flexible wire
strong utility scissors
live greenery
gloves (optional)

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PAINTING PINE CONES - snow kissed pine cone tutorial

It must be that time of year again cause the erg
to create tons of holiday decor is upon me. Over
the weekend I took some time to build a few
wreaths for friends and family. And I wanted to
share a simple and easy trick to embellish pine
cones so they stand out and make a statement
on my wreaths.

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Annie Sloan Chalk paint is perfect for
creating distressed and layered finishes
so I used it when I wanted to create a
layered color effect on a thrift
store jewelry box.

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This is my DIY map wall art I built from discarded
items and also PART TWO of the convertible
workstation created for Janome Canada in their
MAKER's SPACE series. For those who 
have not been following these projects, I was
challenged to re-purpose several second hand
items to use in a makers space and this project
can be made for decoration or for function.

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BUILDING A SMALL SPACE WORKSTATION - gold dipped and turquoise

Do you need a dedicated work place but live
in a small space with little extra room? I have
built a convertible workstation for exactly
that, small space living. I used thrifted items
and transformed them into beautiful decor.
This is the next project I did for
Janome Canada in their MAKER's SPACE
series. This will be a two part "HOW TO",
with this first article showing you how it
works and how I started by building and
painting the base cabinets.

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REPURPOSING AN OLD SPOON RACK - with krylon spray paint

Janome Canada tasked me with repurposing several thrifted items, including an old spoon
rack. I thought this should be a fun DIY project.
I have seen more than enough of them sitting
on thrift store shelves so I figured start with
some Krylon paint and see what happens.

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When you live in a small space like
I do, it is great to have things that are
dual purposed. To help with organizing
the work space I overhauled a picture
frame into a message center and I enjoyed
this DIY project that included making a
chalk board.

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I used my creative skills for the fall launch
of Janome Canada's next machine series.
It is called the M series and the machine is 
designed for all the MAKERS out there.
The LOOKBOOK for the launch has been
released and inside you get to see pages of 
creative ideas from Canadian artists including
several of my projects. I was tasked with
repurposing everyday items for use in a 
MAKER's space. Come check it out!

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PAINTING A COUNTRY STYLE DESK and new shabby chic switch plates

Last time I showed how to change the style of a
piece of furniture with trim and appliques but
there is something simpler to use as well. A
new coat of paint has such a strong ability to
change the look of old things. It can breath
new life into a something you wanted to throw
away and create a completely different style.

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I run across many dressers from this era but this
pieces was one of the nicer ones. It was made with
real solid wood, top to bottom. MDF is usually hidden
somewhere in most pieces of furniture built after 1968.

I knew I could take this COLONIAL style and work
some magic on it to get a nice COTTAGE feel in the end.

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HOW TO PAINT A SMOOTH FINISH - using annie sloan chalk paint

Anyone who owns a piece of my work
or has visited and touched the finish 
on my furniture usually comments 
about how smooth it is. There are 
many different things you can do to 
get a smoother ASCP paint finish 
when using a brush and I am sharing
some of the secrets I use.

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I've been enjoying my summer holidays more than usual.
We took off early in the season to visit with GG's family
and once we returned home I spent more time relaxing.
The school year is going to be here soon and with that will
come the falling leaves and the need to get back to work. I 
have already started with a big shabby chic makeover.
Take a look and see what you think.
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Have you ever seen a piece of bedroom furniture
made from plywood? There are lots of them out
there and they are probably home made by someone's
dad or grandfather back in the day. Plywood is great
to work with because it is super strong and you can
treat it just like solid wood, but have you ever wondered
how to paint it???

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TALL CUSTOM BUILT BED - our french country bedroom

Two areas of our new bedroom I haven't shared yet are GG's bedside and the bed itself.
This room was all about using
found pieces I love. I am also
sharing how I built our bed.

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FRENCH COUNTRY BEDROOM - no sew bed skirt

Two more areas of our new French Country
bedroom I haven't shared yet are GG's bedside
and the bed itself. This room is all about using
unique found pieces I love to make an oasis.
I have also offered an insight to how I built
our bed.

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This spring we had a yard sale to clear out many
pieces of great furniture that were not going to get
the attention they needed from me. I have a few
kind ppl who have sent photos back of the
makeovers they performed on the treasured
pieces they found at my yard sale.

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ANTIQUE WALL HOOKS - our bedroom

Sometimes I look at other blogs and
see photos of beautiful homes that 
make me question if they are real
or not. I wonder how could I ever
achieve that. The finishes cost a 
fortune and my fortune is dedicated
to more personal things like groceries. I bet many of you also
feel the same way. I hope when I 
offer tips and decor photos that it
feels more doable and affordable.

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I purchased a pair of pretty classy
late 1960's nightstands only
to find out one was a knockoff.

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GG started to question me right after I stopped to pick these
awesome wood things up off the roadside. They were heavy
bed posts that I knew I could use but in that very moment I
wasn't sure what my plan was. So I made up a cute story about
turning them into lamps and he was content at that. Conclusion,
even the most supportive partners still needs reassurance that the
junk coming home with them will be used one day. So girls
be as creative with your stories as you are with your projects.

Now let me show you what I did with them.
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A BENCH MADE FROM CHAIRS and more shabby chic switch plates

If you are thinking of creating a bench from
a pair of chairs I'm here to offer a tip or two
on how it can be done easy by steering you
in the right direction.

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